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"Not all motors are created equal"

Ever wonder how the pros are so much faster with the same motors?  It’s because they’ve been optimized to squeeze every available bit of power out of them.  Little changes can make a big difference.  That's where we can help.

  • Top Quality Service
  • Premium Podium Performance
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Our team

Lead Driver Preston Parrett

Preston started his passion for RC in 1994 running an Associated RC10B3 in 2WD Buggy at Discount Hobby Warehouse.  After months of intense racing and securing absolutely Zero podiums at the age of 8, he was well into his journey though the RC hobby.  Now years later with advanced degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering he's back to help you get the performance you need to get and stay in podium position!


We call him "The Professor" for a reason, the guy know's what he's doing and it shows.
"How is this even possible?  This feels like a completely different motor!"